The craftsman from Shandong lighting Africa


作者:Taken by LIU Chang, ZHANG Yuqing

2017-01-01 20:21:01


Embracing first ray of sunshine of 2017, Gerada looks so beautiful under aerial shot. (Taken by LIU Chang, ZHANG Yuqing) 


Two employees from home and abroad are doing field operation in the new power station, and the old power station built in the seventies of last century is belching out smoke due to the lagging technology. On the east of the old power station, the newly-built power station will effectively solve this problem. (Taken by LIU Chang, ZHANG Yuqing)


The busy workers spare some time to make dumplings sitting around to welcome the New Year.  


Crossing half the world, they take root in Africa. Ringing out the busy year of 2016, beholding the missing to the hometown and the care to the families, these overseas Chinese from Shandong stationed abroad send their international New Year greetings to their relatives back in the hometown through the lens. (Taken by LIU Chang, ZHANG Yuqing) 

 iQilu. Com Gerada, Morocco, January 1st (accredited journalist LIU Chang and ZHANG Yuqing). In the year of 1304, a traveller from Morocco named Ibn Batuteh travelled halfway around the world by boat to China and completed the first journey to China as a Moroccan. While in the year of 2015, 711 yeas’ later since then, SEPCOIII that has been committed itself to Go Out policy successfully got through the close siege from the competitions from the European, American, Japanese and Korean companies, and signed the first power construction project in Morocco as a country in the tail end of thethe Belt and Road, making a great milestone significance.

On the other end of the Belt and Road, SEPCOIII entered Morocco market initially

The bucket arm of the Big Dipper turned to north last night, a new years begins with the next morning. Eight hours later after welcoming the year of 2017 at home    , the little town Gerada in the northeast of Morocco celebrated the first day of the New Year. In Gerada of Morocco in the north of Africa from 20 thousand miles away, Shandong people are holding fast silently to the construction site in foreign countries to go through 2016 and welcome the coming New Year in a special way.

For this moment, together with my working pals, we have been working for nearly a whole year, said TANG Yuzhen, as a boiler professional engineer. His job is to build the coal-fired boiler and its debugging for the first power station project of SEPCOIII in Morocco. 

Just like TANG Yuzhen, among all the six hundred domestic employees of the entire overseas project, thereinto, over three fourths of them come from Shandong, they drift away from home and bring the practical and diligent spirit of craftsman to Africa.  

By virtue of being skilled in higher accuracy to win by speed, we will get through the close siege from the competitions with the European, American, Japanese and Korean companies while the craftsman from Shandong lighting Africa

The international standard is less than or equal to 0.076 millimeter, while ours is less than or equal to 0.07 millimeter, said the head of steam turbine. Being skilled in higher accuracy is the basic requirements to construct the power station steam unit with international standard. In order to obtain the best operational effect, the precision is always measured by Si, i.e. 0.01 millimeter. In addition to the requirement of project quality of skilled in higher accuracy, Shandong speed has already become the key to win the European, American, Japanese and Korean companies. from the starting of the project in 2015 to the project completion in advance by the end of 2017, Shandong speed is one to two years faster than that of the European, American, Japanese and Korean companies. 

This is a 350mw coal-fired unit all adopting Chinese design and electromechanical equipment, and is the first time of Chinese electric construction enterprise to enter the engineering procurement construction(EPC) market in Morocco, said by the project manager REN Yuanbo of Gerada project of SEPCOIII, the appropriator agreed to change the construction requirements from European & American standard to Chinese standard through proactive efforts, which has far-reaching significance to change the bias to made in China by the international market. 

As a professional power engineering company in China that operates the earliest engineering procurement construction(EPC) with the most projects under construction and the most market competitiveness, SEPCOIIIhas started to vigorously develop the overseas market since the year of 2002, and entered 16 countries and regions including Morocco, Tanzania from Shandong to abroad, and undertaken 39 large overseas power station projects by means of EPC with the total amount of contract exceeds 23 billion dollars. 

Celebrate the new year by network video 

Crossing half the world, they take root in Africa. Ringing out the busy year of 2016, beholding the missing to the hometown and the care to the families, these overseas Chinese from Shandong stationed abroad welcome the new year with their families through various ways. In the evening of 31st (Beijing time) happened to be the midday of local time in Morocco, snatching a little leisure from a busy life, DING Xin and her husband and colleagues from the construction site made dumplings together. Happy New Year, we are about to go back home, and get us something delicious, greeted by DING Xin and her husband through mobile video with the families 20 thousand away from them, they picked up the dumplings and showed their families their own Morocco New Year.  

Although being accompanied by the spouse, I am still concerned about my parents back home all the time deep in my heart, said Dingxin a Qingdao girl, and both she and her husband are the employees of this power station project. They got marries in 2016, and came to Morocco together for the Gerada project; the year of 2017 is around the corner, the whole family being well and sweet love are their biggest wish for the two who cannot come back home for the time being.

I’m sorry mom, I stood you up again. 

Speaking of the expectation of 2017, likewise a post - 90s girl from Zibo, XU Fengyue wants to say to her mom that she is sorry. Because she went to study in France during her study, she hadn’t spent the New Year with her family for five consecutive years. And she came to Morocco in 2016, she missed her promise again to spend the New Year of 2017 with her family. I hope the power station project could be completed successfully in 2017, so that I could go back home to welcome the coming of 2018.

Take root in Africa, Shandong people pass the craftsmanship spirit

In Gerada of Morocco, the local unemployment rate reaches up to 60 percent due to the lagging economic development, and the power station project hires over 4000 person time of local labors except the domestic engineers, which alleviates the employment crisis to a certain extent. As the first power construction project in Morocco of both Shandong and China, the completion ahead of schedule of the project has very special significance for both Shandong enterprises and Morocco. To light Africa, more and more Shandong people overcome mountains of difficulties, take root in Africa, and push the Shandong manufacturing to the world with their hard-bitten craftsmanship spirit. 


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